This group show comprised of a number of artists working in different disciplines across the art school culminating in an interactive exchange of sketchbook ideas. The space was used as though it were a sketchbook itself as the artists took an intuitive approach to the development of the show, each person’s workings feeding the other. The public were then invited to interact with the space themselves.


Nadia Rossi (Time Based Art)

Catrin Jeans (Illustration)

David Bradley (Time Based Art)

Ruby Pester (Fine Art)

Fraser McDonald (Fine Art)

Catherine Weir (Time Based Art)

Craig Gallacher (Graphic Design)





 ‘I Scream, You Scream,We All Scream For Ice Cream’ 



  ‘Artists Cramp’     ‘Britain Expects’ 

     The making of ‘Bread Bin’


                                                                            ‘Wishy Washy’

‘From Our Wool To Yours’   

The Opening Night…