Practising Glasgow based artist, 2008 graduate in Fine Art from Duncan Of Jordanstone College Of Art and Design, Dundee University, Scotland.

My work is propelled by instinctive and ambiguous thoughts and ideas surrounding the relational qualities and conflicts between body and matter. Documenting performance through such media as video and photography initiates this elemental aspect to my ideas and essentially manifests space for many labyrinths through movement, time, rhythm and pulse.


 I am interested in capturing a raw physicality of experience through which reality is delineated. Drawing upon the isolation of disparate moments I attempt to agitate consciousness, perhaps even the memories embedded in ourselves and in objects to expose something hidden, lost or imagined.


 Questioning an interior world of body, space and object I wish to construct scenes where language and boundaries of rationale can be disintegrated. In a space for poetic levitation, I am interested to explore aspects of the real, the mythical and perhaps even the spiritual that can unfold in dualities of the fragment.




2 Responses to “About”

  1. rubypester said

    This site is currently under construction…learning learning learning

  2. camilla said

    looks great ruby! im sad i missed your gold chair and red paint performance, photo looks AMAZING! wow!xxx

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